Guild Ball Exiles

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Guild Ball Exiles

Postby Clement » Thu May 17, 2018 8:18 am

So the classy new thing coming to guild ball (there always seems to be something) are the exiles and the faithful. This is the new models each guild gets that they've (for whatever reason) decided to all put in 2 boxes. This basically means that in a meta with no overlaps like us, we only need to get one set of them and part it out, assuming we care. With that in mind, who wants what?

    Farmers - V Honour - Eric
    Morticians - V Hemlocke
    Brewers - V Decimate - Tyson
    Butchers - V Gutter - Dennis
    Engineers - V Harriete "The Hat"
    Hunters - V Minx - Dennis

    Alchemists - V Calculus - Eric
    Fishermen - V Sakana - Tyson
    Masons - V Chisel
    Blacksmiths - V Cinder
    Order/Union - V Fangtooth - Dennis
    Order/Union - S Spigot - Dennis

As a reminder, Union as we know it is going away over the next year. V Fangtooth and S Spigot will play for Union (and only union) until October or so, then will dissapear into the Supreme Order of Solthecius (union minor team), consisting of S Brisket, Pride, V Fangtooth, S Spigot, Grace, Benediction, Harry "The Hat", and Mist. Of those last 4, 2 play for union but can play down to Order, and 2 play for the Order but can play up to Union. Officially I don't know and it doesn't matter, but my money is on Grace and Benny playing up while Mist and Harry play down.

Existing teams lose access to union models as their minor team comes out. This means Morticians are gone, Hunters are soon, and Union and Fishermen are on the horizon.

P.S. Dennis I did order Pride as a single model as we discussed.
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