Infinity achievement league

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Infinity achievement league

Postby MudgeBlack » Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:54 am

Putting together a list of achievements for an achievement league. I'll post up what we have so far and throw out any ideas you have. They don't have to be universal to every faction as long as we get a decent spread it should all work out.
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Re: Infinity achievement league

Postby ejhopkins » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:10 am

MudgeBlack wrote:I'll post up what we have so far and throw out any ideas you have.

Well, if you're just going to throw them out... I don't know why I'm bothering to share these. High hopes I guess ;)

These are some that I suggested on the official Infinity forums, but I though I would post them here as well. These are mostly "doctor" based, coming from my Haqqislam bias, but they should work for everyone (except the Akbar one).

To add a few more medic based achievements....
  • Never going to keep me down: Succeed on two Regeneration or Auto-medkit rolls with the same trooper.
  • Red Cross: Succeed on at least 4 Doctor/Paramedic rolls in a row without failing. (couldn't think of a better name)
  • Don't Die on Me Now!: Successfully revive a trooper by spending two or more Command Token to re-roll a failed WIP Roll using the Back-up:Cube rule.
  • Preventative Medicine: In the active turns only, use a Doctor/Paramedic to put 2 or more enemy troopers in a Null State.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Die or fall unconscious while successfully reviving a downed friendly trooper.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Die or fall unconscious while also failing to revive a downed trooper, killing them as well.
  • It's a Trap!: Use holoprojector to disguise a trooper as an Akbar Doctor.

and a few extras:

  • No Man Left Behind: Successfully move an unconscious trooper out of harms way using the Casevac short skill.
  • Don't Just Stand There: Successfully move a stunned or immobalized trooper out of harms way using the Casevac short skill.
  • Can't Touch This: Successfully dodge 3 separate attacks with the same trooper in the same reactive turn.
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Re: Infinity achievement league

Postby Cpwarde » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:12 am

Fail three wip rolls in a row
Have a doctor or paramedic kill all friendly unconscious models in a game.
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Re: Infinity achievement league

Postby Grey Templar » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:24 am

Here's the compiled list from the Infinity forum.


Armylist building

In accordance with the Concilium convention

There can be no banned weapons, equipment, ammunition or other gear in the army list.

Played with a TAG

Mecha master

Played with at least two TAGs

Robot overlord

Played with a force with more than 75 % REM troopers.

Heavy support

Played with max SWC


Played with no SWC



Both opponents rolled a crit in the same FTF roll


Got more than one crit in one roll

Lucky SOB

Rolled more than five crits during one game

Own lieutenant dead in ARO

Own lieutenant dead in first turn

Killed opponents lieutenant

Killed opponents lieutenant more than once in one game


Killed more than 75 % of opponents army


Killed 100 % of opponents army

Flawless victory

Did not lose a single trooper during a game and won 10-0 objective points

Good tactician

In the lead more than two league rounds in a row

Great tactician

In the lead more than three league rounds in a row

Supreme leader

In the lead more than four league rounds in a row

Trauma doc!

"Killed" a friendly trooper through a doctor or paramedic

Akbar doctor

Healed a trooper through a doctor or paramedic

Stormtrooper armour

Missed more than 75 % of armour rolls during a game

Back to basics

Lost a game with 0-10 objective points


Hobby master

Played with a completely painted and based army (every model completely done and varnished).

Played with more than 50 % painted troopers

Played with more than 75 % painted troopers

Played with less than 25 % painted troopers

White Knight

Played with more than 50 % bare metal miniatures (only assembled, no base paint)

Master craftsman

Built and painted one large building


Built and painted at least four pieces of scatter terrain

Aspiring champion:
Have a cherleeader(AVA:total or <= 10 points) kill a TAG/Achilles (or a unit worth 10 times more than him).

None shall pass:
Have a total remote score >3 kills in ARO.

Superior engineering/DREADNOT:
Have a TAG kill other TAG in CC.

Smoke free area:
Have at least 2 troops with a smoke and never use in during a game.

Walking death:
Have a unit healed from unconcious and kill enemy with it.

Army of XXIIIrd century:
Have only HI in your army list.

Ecclesia Militians:

Have only knigths in MO list (so HI).

Now I see you!
Have a sensor unit detect HD trooper.

Not this time spy!
Have a unit kill impersonator in CC ARO.

Have a unit survive 5 attacks/orders against it during reactive.

Tough as nails:
Have a unit make 5 or more ARM saves during the game
No Wi Fi
Have a hacker fail at least 3 hacking attempts during a game
Have a unit be stunned by a Eletric Pulse

No! The Other Button!

Fail 4 objective wip tests in a row.

Slap Fight

Fail to wound or be wounded in the same close combat 3 times.

Backseat Driver

Possess an already possessed TAG

Extra Crispy

Kill 3 troopers with a single flame template

From Downtown

Crit with a guided Smart Missile.

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Paramedic the same trooper, successfully, twice.

Furry Convention

Run a list containing 3 Chimera and 12 Pupniks.


Kill a named character with the same named character.

And my personal favorite

Infinity: Combat Evolved

get a crit kill, with a pistol, in -6 range.

David and Goliath
Kill/disable a TAG with a pistol.

I thought I was safe here
Get wounded by a chainrifle warband's pistol ARO from outside the chain template range.

Field no models and no markers. Win.

White knights are primed, bare metals should be called "Brotherhood of Steel"

Primed White - Arctic Camo

Primed Black - Covert Ops Camo

Primed Gray - Urban Camo

Bare Metal - Parade Dress or Cervantes' Shiny Silver Squadron

You scared the drone
Have a total reaction remote defend with -9 to BS and multi-crit the attacker.

From my first league I am getting ready to run:

Down, but not Out- Win a game after suffering loss of lieutenant (not including Decapitation)

Push the Button- Successfully activate an antenna or console

Netrunner- Successfully activate all the antennas or consoles in a game

Total Control- Control a zone by more than 100 army points

Who’s the Boss?- Kill 3 or more lieutenants in decapitation

Pirate- Get 3 items from the panoplies in firefight

BOOM HEADSHOT!- Get multiple crits in a single roll

Not Today...- Both you and your opponent rolled a crit in a FTF

+1 Up- Heal a model from the unconscious state

Killer Doc- Kill your model with a healing roll

Highlander- Put a model in the null state in CC

All Alone- Isolate a model

Predator- Kill a model with a camouflage model using a surprise shot or surprise attack

Puppet Master- Possess a TAG

He hacked my eyes!- White noise a model with MSV

Ghost in the Shell- Repair a model from the 2nd level of unconscious

Neuromancer- Kill a model with a hacking device

I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning- Kill 3 or more models with a template weapon

All Girls Squad: One all-female combat group or fire team of at least three models.
High-Heeled Havoc: Have models in combat heels kill at least 100 points worth of enemy figures.
Ladies Only (double points): Field an entire army with only female models.

Total Anihihilation:

Kill all enemy troopers.

Pyrric victory:
Lose all troopers and still win scenario.
More than a deathmatch:
Kill all enemy troopers and still lose a scenario.

All Pro: Put two different models in a null state with critical hits with one order (no template weapons).

All PanO: Kill two of your own troopers through failed doctor rolls over the course of the game.

Crap-bar Doctor: Fail a doctor roll that you've spent at least two command tokens to re-roll.

Oathkeeper: Score a victory point with a model which was put into a null state in the same order.

Good thing I had this bible in my pocket: Pass three or more armour rolls on one model from enemy shooting during one order.

Zerg Rush: Field at least 10 warband models costing 10 or fewer points.

Quickscoper: Put a model in a null state using a sniper rifle of any variety in the 0 - 8 range band.

Fox Only, Final Destination: Have a one on one face to face roll between two of the same character.

Top-tier Micro: Field an army of 25+ units in a timed/tournament game. Do not stall the clock even once.

Not the best of my days
Lose a model with 2+W/Str due to all criticals (I lost this way both Armand and a Xeodrone in the same game - Bonus, i repaired the TAG and get the fourth crit...)

Was that a cat?
Put unconscious an enemy model with his "deployment" order (AD or HD) (this was my Ko Dali in the YJ age... in every bloody game...)

Art Attack
Repair/Heal the same model at least 3 times (this was the Kurgat of my opponent... I managed it with an IMMORTAL Husong)

"I'm a stray, go back to sleep"
Fail 5 Discover rolls in a row against a single Camo/TO Camo/Impersonation model.

Get away! Get away!: Forward Observe a figure and attack it with a Guided Blast weapon, and kill another miniature with the Blast

Starter Pack.-- Win a game in ITS exactly fielding a list found in the Operation Red Veil or Icestorm booklet..

Popularity contest. Take a BS ARO from at least four different sources and come out unscathed.

Hack this! Kill a hacker using a KHD in ARO as they are trying to kill you with their own KHD.

Round two fight! Have a lieutenant go down and get him/her back up before you enter the loss of lieutenant phase.

Squids. Have at least four troops dodge smoke ARO and succeed on one enemy order.

Zero hour. Win a match with objective points, whilst having every unit off the board, or in an unconscious state (NWI and Dogged units are ok).

I am legend. Win a match with one unit left that is not dead or unconscious (NWI and Dogged units are not ok).

I am Kanye West. Concede a match in the second round because you are angry at the world.

The Pen is mightier than the sword - Kill someone in close combat with a War Correspondent.
What Geneva Convention? - Kill all enemy medics, doctors, TAG pilots, Warcors, and unconscious troopers.

Itty bitty mini committy. - Field over ten S1 models.

Armand the Muted - Make Armand unconscious using a weapon with the Silent trait

Unfortunate Promotions - Lose three or more Lt's in the game (this one's easier to do from CoC models with maybe some EO)

Super Popularity Contest:
Take a BS ARO from 4 different members of a fireteam, and kill them all in one order.
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Re: Infinity achievement league

Postby MudgeBlack » Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:38 pm

ejhopkins wrote:[*]It's a Trap!: Use holoprojector to disguise a trooper as an Akbar Doctor.[/list]


Its a trap....Akbar....I see what you did there....Thats funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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