Just bought some Vampire Counts Skeletons for D&D

Just bought some Vampire Counts Skeletons for D&D

Postby GamerGorman20 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:42 am

So I've been wanting to buy a few good skeletons and zombies for the Wednesday D&D games. While looking at minis at Nemo's I found a box of these that I thought would work quite well.

I ended up buying this exact item online since it was half off.


But now I'm curious, do people still play standard warhammer? What else would I need to play this army?
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Re: Just bought some Vampire Counts Skeletons for D&D

Postby Grey Templar » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:14 am

A lot of us still have all of our old Warhammer Fantasy armies and could play it, but most have switched to playing Kings of War which is made by Mantic. Kings of War is Mantic's version of Warhammer Fantasy, and simply because its a ruleset that is being actively supported.

However you'd need a lot more miniatures to play a Vampire Counts army(Or even a KoW equivalent). Vampire counts are extremely large model count armies,in a game that was geared towards large model counts in general. A 2500 point Warhammer Vampire army could easily have several hundred miniatures, depending on how you built it. Mantic's miniatures aren't quite as nice as GW's plastics, but they are much much cheaper. Its also the only place you'd be able to find stuff in any quantity you needed.
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