Kings Nations and Gods

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Menoth (Tyson)

Cygnar (Jason)

Cryx (David)

Khador (Christian)

Scenario Name Players Winner Bonus for winner
The Icy Grip of Winter: ACT 1      
Scenario 1: Battle for Riversmet Menoth, Cygnar, Cryx Khador Menoth +1 to starting rolls for Icy Grip of Winter Games
ACT II      
Scenario 2: Throat Cutter Cygnar, Khador Cygnar Pay one (1) less point for all warjacks in one Icy grip game
Scenario 3: The Well of Truth Menoth, Cryx Menoth Make all models invisible for one round in one game (see pg.145)
Scenario 4: Within the Dark Soil Khador, Cryx    
Scenario 5: Over the River Cygnar, Menoth Menoth +4 army points to one icy grip game
Scenario 6: You Can Run.... Khador, Menoth    
Scenario 7: Dead by Dawn Cygnar, Cryx    
The Icy Grip of Winter: Side Quests      
Cryx: Head in Hand Cryx, Menoth    
Cygnar: Dues Ex Machina Cygnar, Cryx    
Khador: Charge of the Winter Guard Khador, Cygnar    
Menoth: Morning Service Menoth, Khador    
ACT III      
Scenario 8: Ruins of Riversmet Menoth, Cygnar, Cryx Khador